What kind of ceremonies for weddings do you offer?

Civil, symbolic, Maya, Hindu, gay.

Until what time can wedding at the beach take place?

11:00 pm. and, in the case of banquet halls, until 6:00 a.m.

Do you carry out the civil wedding procedures?

Yes, we take care of it. The costs of translation of the minutes are not included.

Do you perform Catholic weddings?

No, however there is a chapel 15 min. from the hotel where it can be carried out.

Do all the guests have to stay at the hotel in order to do the wedding?

It is not necessary, however, having more guests staying many more benefits has the partner.

Can I bring my own suppliers for the wedding?

Yes, we do not have a provider fee

Can my guests have special rates for their lodging?

Yes, with a minimum of 10 rooms we offer a group rate.

If it rains, is my beach wedding protected?

Yes, all our outdoor events have backup.

Does the hotel have transportation?

No, however we have a provider in the hotel to offer the service.

What are the requirements for my non-hosted guests to be able to enter the hotel?

A previous list of guests by the couple and identification upon arrival.

Is there a fee for a set up on the beach?


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